Welcome to the HHDWatches site.

This watch is made from a MicroDrive Hard Disk, transformed into a watch.

The watch will first be available on the CrowdFunding site IndieGoGo in October or November 2014.

Stay tuned here for more information, or visit the WatchUSeek forum.

Contact us on info@HDDWatches.com

HDD Watch

In January 2013, GdI posted this picture on a French watch forum.

In only saw it by accident in September of the same year. When I saw it, I knew at once that it was a great idea. I already saw 3,5" HDD turned into clocks, but I never imagined that such small HDD (Hard Disk Drives) existed. I knew I would, could and should to this.

It took me more than one year to get to the first prototype.

First drawing of the general idea

From the Idea to the Product

The Designer

Born some time ago on the island of Corsica, I'm in love with watches for the last 15 years. Before this, I was deep, deep into Origami. This left me with the taste for creating, always looking for original, funny and unexpected ideas.

Before this watch, I already created 2 other watches :